How to design and develop a responsive website to grow our business

website designing and development

As we analyze these days in the high competition of business, several people search online about “How to design and develop a responsive website to grow our business”. This is just because a responsive website helps them to generate more leads online. Here, we are going to explain briefly about the step by step process for designing and developing a responsive website that helps you very much growing your business fast. A well designed website can get optimized quickly.

Steps to design and develop a website:-

  1. Choose the Right Platform: To build a responsive website and mobile friendly website, you should choose a right platform as a content management system. Now-a-days, WordPress is the most popular and easiest platform to use for content management system.
  2. Get A Domain & Web Hosting: A domain name should be as a web address like You can purchase Domain from Hosting service connects your site to the internet. You can use any webhosting platform. One of the web hosting platforms is , you can use it as a web hosting and domain registrar. If you want to create a website for your business, the domain name should match your company name. A domain name generally ends with .com, .org or .net.
  3. Fill in your details: You should fill in your personal information to create your account on the “create your account” page.
  4. Check your “Package Information” and Finish Registration
  5. Create your password: After getting registered, you will be able to create your password. You should secure your domain name and web hosting.

After completing the process of website, you should also keep improving your website.

Now, when your website is completely ready, you should optimize your website so that it could rank at the top of search engines. An optimized website can help you to get more and more business because your customers can view your business site easily and quickly.

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